Bacta Cult – Dairy

Bacta Cult – Dairy

Bacta cult Dairy is a combines selected, adapted microbial strains with improves waste degradation capabilities in dairy effluent.  Bacta Cult- Dairy contains a combination of anaerobic and facultative organic compounds selected from nature for their abilities to break down a broad range of substances encountered in the dairy waste water. A dairy often generates odours and high BOD waste water.

Dairy industry is a very important and lastly growing food processing industry of world. The dairy industry involves transformation raw milk into products such as consumer milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, condensed milk, dried milk (milk powder), ice cream, and whey powders, lactose, using processes such as chilling, pasteurization, and homogenization. This waste water is simply diluted milk. Dairy waste water is highly biodegradable and Bacta cult Dairy helps to increase the BOD removal efficiency of Biological systems.

Bacta Cult dairy also helps in the following :

  • Reduces the High BOD & COD.
  • Helps to control the high TDS & TSS.
  • Control the High Volatile fatty acids.
  • It also helps to degrade the High lactose, which takes part in biodegradation process.
  • Helps to control the high Ammonical nitrogen.
  • Odour Removal from biological systems.
  • Helps to increase acetogenesis and methanogenesis process.
  • Helps to increase the efficiency of Biogas generation.
  • Low production of excess sludge.

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