Bacta Cult – Kitchen Drain Cleaner

Bacta Cult – Kitchen Drain Cleaner

Bacta Cult (Kitchen drain Cleaner) is a combination of useful strains of bacteria which results to clean and deodorize kitchen, bathroom and shower drains, piping and grease traps, etc. Breaks down organic materials such as oil, grease, starches, proteins and complex fats, etc.  Bacta Cult is non-poisonous. It creates no heat, no fumes, no boiling. It does not attack live tissue nor inorganic materials, only organic wastes like grease, hair, food particles, paper, cotton & sewage. This makes Bacta Cult safe for people, plumbing and the environment.


  • Residential and commercial applications.
  • All drain and sewer pipes, including:
  • Kitchen Sinks.
  • Lavatories.
  • Bath tubs.
  • Showers.
  • Floor drains.
  • Laundry drains
  • Septic tanks and drain fields
  • Garbage disposal odors
  • Grease traps
  • Sewage ejector sumps

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