CORROSHIELD Anti Corrosive Coatings & Paints

CORROSHIELD Anti Corrosive Coatings & Paints

  • Water Based Product
  • Weather Resistant
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use Highly Elastic
  • Waterproof
  • Very High Adhesive Strength

Corro Shield is a water based corrosion resistant coating based on styrene acrylic copolymers & modified zinc phosphate which is suitable for indoor & outdoor applications.

It gives highest possible protection to mild steel structures, vessels, pipelines, electric towers, metallic storage tanks, etc.

How to apply? 1

Apply with roller, brush / spraying machine like other coating / paint.

Apply 2 layers for best results.

The coating is extremely stable & does not require any other application over it.


1Kg – 1.5 to 2.5 m2 to ensure between 180 to 300 micron coating thickness.

Thickness of application depends upon service life expected, local atmospheric conditions, local corrosive environment.

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