OdoServe Odour Control : An Industrial odour control formula - For any type of odour removal

Are you tired of battling stubborn, lingering odors in your workspace? Introducing Odoserve Odour Control – Your secret weapon for eliminating even the toughest odours.

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  • OdoServe Odour Control can be used in different industries / public toilet/ dumping grounds to eliminate odour, most of the odour control products available in the market claim to hide or cover unpleasant odour but OdoServe chemically converts unpleasant smell in to non-odorous.

    OdoServe – an odour removing organoleptic compound It’s a non-toxic and safe to use It is not a masking agent. OdoServe doesn’t replace the odour, it kills it. OdoServe is completely natural & eco-friendly It is biodegradable in nature.

    Experience unparalleled odour control with OdoServe Odour Control, featuring innovative odour engulfing technology. Our advanced formula is meticulously crafted to neutralize even the most challenging industrial odours, enveloping them in a powerful barrier of freshness.

    Say goodbye to the lingering smells of chemicals, waste, and other industrial byproducts. OdoServe Odour Control penetrates deep into the source of odours, effectively neutralizing them for a long-lasting clean scent.

    Engineered for industrial environments, our solution is highly effective yet environmentally friendly, ensuring compliance with stringent regulations. With OdoServe Odour Control, you can create a more pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for employees and visitors alike, enhancing productivity and satisfaction.

    Trust OdoServe to transform your industrial space into an odour-free environment, where cleanliness and freshness prevail. Experience the difference with OdoServe Odour Control.

    Unique features:

    - Odour Engulfing Technology: OdoServe Odour Control utilizes innovative technology to envelop and neutralize even the most stubborn industrial odours, providing long-lasting freshness.

    - Versatile Application: Suitable for a wide range of industrial settings, including manufacturing facilities, wastewater treatment plants, food processing plants, and more.

    - Environmentally Friendly: Formulated with environmentally conscious ingredients, OdoServe Odour Control is safe for use in industrial environments and compliant with regulatory standards.

    - Fast-Acting Formula: Begins working immediately upon application, quickly neutralizing odours at their source for rapid results.

    - Easy Application: Just mist and forget.

    - Cost-Effective Solution: OdoServe Odour Control offers a cost-effective solution for managing industrial odours, reducing the need for frequent applications and costly maintenance measures.

    - Guaranteed Satisfaction: Backed by our satisfaction guarantee, ensuring your complete confidence in the effectiveness and quality of OdoServe Odour Control.

    1. Chemical and Pharmaceuticals
    2. Composting and dumping ground
    3. Public toilets /sewage Treatment plant
    4. Food Processing
    1. It's a nontoxic and safe to use
    2. It is not a masking agent. OdoServe doesn't replace the odour, it kills it.
    3. OdoServe is completely natural & eco friendly.
    4. It is bio degradable in nature

Yes. It can be safely used in hand sprayers. It is very easy and safe to use, but due to large particle size it is less effective than mist. Use a mist system for better efficiency.

No. All items are food grade and the product is very concentrated. Very less amount is consumed for treatment, hence it does not affect the manufacturing process.

No. It is not a masking agent. OdoServe is a neutralizing agent. Its formula completely neutralizes the odour molecules at source.

It lasts for 2 hrs to 6 hrs after treatment. Depends on malodour concentration. If there is no continuous generation of malodour, treatment will last for 12 hours.

OdoServe starts its neutralization immediately after misting in the atmosphere. Complete removal of malodour will be based on the intensity of malodour.

No. It is safe. It is free from animal cruelty.6

Yes, OdoServe has a versatile application quality. It is suitable for both open and closed areas.