Wilhelmson - Marine Chemicals

Unique biological active liquid formulations containing specialised bacterial strains, biodegradable low foaming chemical cleaners, and anti-foam agents.

Product Range for Wilhelmson - Marine Chemicals

Unitor™ Gamazyme™ BTC

Biological Toilet Cleaner replaces harmful, toxic cleaners that harm sewage treatment plants by killing natural bacterial growth.

Unitor™ Gamazyme™ FC 4*5

Unitor™ Gamazyme™ FC a technologically advanced floor care product that provides deep & effective cleaning through microbial activity.

Unitor™ Gamazyme™ 700FN 12KG

Unitor™ Gamazyme™ 700FN is designed to break down surplus residual waste in shipboard sanitation pipelines and holding tanks.

Unitor™ Gamazyme™ Toilet Descaler

Unitor™ Gamazyme™ Toilet Descaler is employed to remove scale buildup from toilet bowls.