NutriServe BOD Serve is a perfect alternate to starch to increase BOD.

An excellent alternative to starch/jaggery for increasing BOD to generate healthy biomass during ETP/STP commissioning & routine operation.

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  • NutriServe BOD Serve, a liquid product formulated from complex polysaccharides, offers a solution to low BOD challenge. Developed by TATA NQ and widely promoted by Amalgam Engineering, this product is readily soluble in water and becomes active immediately upon addition.

    NutriServe BOD Serve, a cutting-edge solution meticulously formulated to optimize the biological oxygen demand (BOD) in wastewater treatment processes. Crafted using advanced microbial consortia and nutrient-rich additives, NutriServe BOD Serve stands as a superior alternative to traditional starch or jaggery methods, offering unparalleled performance in Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) and Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) commissioning and routine operation.

    In practice, if BOD levels in secondary treatment are insufficient, artificial products are intentionally added to boost the BOD value. For instance, maize starch is commonly used for this purpose, despite its limited solubility in water, requiring labor-intensive preparation of a slurry.

    Technical Specifications:

    Microbial Consortium:
    NutriServe BOD Serve harnesses a proprietary blend of specialized microbial strains carefully selected for their robustness and efficiency in degrading organic compounds. These microorganisms work synergistically to rapidly metabolize complex pollutants, enhancing biodegradation rates and overall treatment efficacy.

    Nutrient Composition:
    Enriched with a balanced array of essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and micronutrients, NutriServe BOD Serve provides the necessary building blocks for microbial growth and activity. This optimized nutrient profile ensures sustained microbial proliferation and metabolic activity, even in challenging wastewater conditions.

    Enzymatic Catalysts:
    Incorporated within NutriServe BOD Serve are enzymatic catalysts that facilitate the breakdown of recalcitrant organic molecules, accelerating the degradation process and promoting efficient pollutant removal. These enzymes target specific substrate molecules, enhancing substrate utilization and maximizing treatment efficiency.

    Biostimulation Mechanisms:
    NutriServe BOD Serve employs biostimulation strategies to enhance microbial activity and resilience within the treatment system. By optimizing environmental conditions such as pH, temperature, and dissolved oxygen levels, it creates an ideal habitat for microbial growth and metabolic activity, ensuring consistent performance under varying operational parameters.

    Performance Metrics:
    BOD, or Biological Oxygen Demand, measures the amount of dissolved oxygen (DO) consumed by biological organisms during the decomposition of organic matter in water. While low BOD levels are crucial during the discharge of treated water, it's essential to maintain a proper BOD to COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) ratio for effective treatment.

    Empower your wastewater treatment operations with NutriServe BOD Serve's advanced microbial technology, precision-engineered nutrient formulation, and biostimulation mechanisms. Experience unmatched efficiency, reliability, and sustainability in biological wastewater treatment with NutriServe BOD Serve - the ultimate solution for optimizing BOD and fostering healthy biomass generation.

  • Accelerated Biomass Generation:
    NutriServe BOD Serve stimulates the growth of healthy biomass essential for wastewater treatment, leading to accelerated biological oxygen demand (BOD) generation. By promoting the proliferation of beneficial microorganisms, it enhances the microbial activity necessary for organic matter degradation, resulting in increased BOD levels.

    Optimized Biodegradation Pathways:
    With its specialized microbial consortia and nutrient-rich formulation, NutriServe BOD Serve optimizes biodegradation pathways, maximizing organic pollutant breakdown and subsequent BOD production.
    It facilitates the enzymatic conversion of complex organic compounds into simpler forms, fueling microbial metabolism and enhancing BOD generation rates.

    Efficient Treatment Performance:
    NutriServe BOD Serve enhances treatment efficiency by augmenting the biological processes responsible for BOD production in wastewater. By providing essential nutrients and creating an ideal microbial environment, it ensures consistent and reliable BOD increase, facilitating effective wastewater treatment.

    Cost-Effective BOD Augmentation:
    Compared to conventional methods, NutriServe BOD Serve offers a cost-effective solution for increasing BOD levels in wastewater.
    Its targeted formulation reduces the need for excessive dosing, minimizing operational costs while achieving optimal BOD augmentation results.

    Customizable Application:
    NutriServe BOD Serve can be tailored to suit specific wastewater characteristics and treatment objectives, offering customizable application options. Whether used during ETP/STP commissioning or routine operation, its adaptable formulation allows for precise dosage adjustments to meet varying BOD enhancement requirements.

    Sustainable Wastewater Management:
    By promoting the natural biological processes responsible for BOD generation, NutriServe BOD Serve supports sustainable wastewater management practices. It reduces reliance on synthetic additives and chemical treatments, contributing to environmentally friendly treatment operations while effectively increasing BOD levels for optimal treatment performance.

  • Aerobic:

    1. Aeration tanks
    2. MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor)
    3. Sequencing Batch Reactor(SBR)
    4. Membrane Bio Reactor(MBR)
    5. Rotating Biological Contactors(RBC)
    6. Trickling Filters


    1. Anaerobic Filter (AF)
    2. Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB)
    3. Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR)

When BOD/COD ratio is less than the ideal ratio of 1:2. If the BOD level is below 1, BOD enhancer should be added to enhance BOD. This will rapidly increase BOD/COD multiply microorganism population.

1 kg BOD enhancer gives 1.6kg BOD.

No. Rather it improves water quality.