BactaServe Aerobic Bioculture For Wastewater Treatment

Comprising beneficial microorganisms, this specialized culture thrives in oxygen-rich environments, where it plays a pivotal role in breaking down organic pollutants and contaminants. By harnessing the power of nature, aerobic bioculture helps to purify wastewater effectively.

  • Category: Bioculture
    1. Reduction in commissioning time of ETP & STP
    2. Rapid growth of MLSS with high MLVSS Content
    3. Acclimatized microbes - Hence higher COD/BOD removal
    4. BactaServe Aerobic promotes growth of COD degraders & suppresses growth of Pathogens
    5. Shock load stabilization & Performance improvement
    6. Reduces BOD & COD and suppresses the foul odour from ETP & STP
    7. Reduces Operational costs - No downtime
    1. ASP - Activated Sludge Process
    2. E-ASP- Extended Activated Sludge Process
    3. SBR - Sequencing Batch Reactor
    4. MBBR - Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor
    5. MBR- Membrane Bio Reactor
    6. RBC - Rotating Biological Contactor
    1. Mix 1Kg BactaServe in 20 Litres of feed water. (2Kg in 40 Litres & so on...)
    2. Mix it well and dose it as per the detailed dosage schedule
    3. Qty. required per day depends on waste water volume & Organic load

Yes, bioculture is a safe and eco-friendly solution. It relies on natural processes and reduces the need for harmful chemicals in wastewater treatment. It promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria that occur naturally in the environment.

The treatment duration varies depending on the specific wastewater characteristics and the bioculture used. It can take anywhere from a few hours to several days to achieve the desired level of purification.

It is a nonpathogenic bacteria. Do not cause diseases.

Yes. We replace it with new products

1 Kg packaging of each type of BactaServe.

Yes. BactaServe Bioculture can be used in running.