In the world of industry, maintaining a pleasant and odour-free environment is essential not only for the well-being of your workforce but also for your reputation and compliance with environmental regulations.

At Amalgam Biotech, we specialize in industrial odour removal solutions, helping businesses across various sectors eliminate offensive odours and improve air quality. Our innovative technologies and expertise are your key to breathing easier and creating a healthier, more inviting atmosphere.

Amalgam Biotech is your trusted partner for industrial odour control. Contact us today to discuss your specific odour challenges and learn how we can help you create a more pleasant, productive, and odour-free working environment. Together, we can transform your facility into a space where odour-related issues are a thing of the past. We are closely working with CPCB guidelines.

Our Odour Removal Expertise

  • Advanced Technologies:

    We employ cutting-edge odour control technologies that are highly efficient and eco-friendly. Our solutions target the source of odours, neutralizing them at the molecular level.

  • Customized Solutions:

    Every industry and facility has unique odour challenges. We tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

  • Compliance Assurance:

    We keep you in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations regarding air quality and odour emissions.

  • Cost-Effective:

    Our solutions not only improve air quality but also reduce maintenance costs and the risk of fines associated with odour complaints.

Application of OdoServe Odour Control

The heart of OdoServe Odour Control is its state-of-the-art misting system, which delicately disperses a fine mist of the odour-neutralizing solution into the air. The idea is to create 25-30 micron particles that will hang in the atmosphere. The mist is so fine that it remains virtually invisible and quickly dissipates, leaving no trace behind. The misting system ensures uniform coverage of the affected area, reaching every nook and cranny where odour molecules may linger. It guarantees a thorough and comprehensive approach to odour control.

OdoServe Odour Control utilizes a specially formulated, non-toxic, and eco- friendly solution that actively interacts with and neutralizes odour molecules, rather than masking them with fragrances. This leads to long-lasting results and a genuinely fresh and odour-free environment.

OdoServe Odour Control is designed with sustainability in mind. It consumes minimal energy, reduces waste associated with disposable air fresheners, and uses a biodegradable solution that minimizes its environmental impact.

Whether you're dealing with household odours, workplace malodours, or large- scale industrial environments, OdoServe Odour Control is adaptable and suitable for diverse settings.

OdoServe Odour Control's standout feature is that it can be used in portable fog canon, which releases an ultra-fine, cool mist of the specially formulated odour-neutralizing solution. This fine fog is virtually invisible and swiftly permeates the environment, directly targeting and eliminating malodour molecules at their source.

The Portable fog cannon is designed for precision, ensuring that the odour-neutralizing mist reaches every nook and cranny of the affected area, leaving no room for malodours to hide.

OdoServe Odour Control employs an environment friendly solution specifically crafted to interact with and neutralize malodour molecules effectively, providing long-lasting freshness rather than simply masking odours with fragrances.

OdoServe Odour Control is designed with ease of use in mind, making it accessible for both residential and commercial applications. Its intuitive interface ensures effortless operation, efficiently maintaining a clean, odour-free environment.

OdoServe Odour Control with Cold Fog Cannon is suitable for a wide range of applications, from homes to industrial facilities, offering an effective solution wherever malodour is a concern.

We recognize that every wastewater treatment challenge is distinct. Therefore, we offer customized solutions that align precisely with your specific requirements, whether you operate in municipal wastewater treatment, industrial processes, or specialized applications.

Customized Solutions:

We provide wastewater treatment solutions that are tailored precisely to your specific needs, ensuring optimal results for your project or facility.

Diverse Applications:

Our expertise spans across various sectors, from municipal wastewater treatment to industrial processes and specialized applications, making our solutions adaptable to a wide range of challenges.

Efficiency and Effectiveness:

By aligning our solutions with your unique requirements, we prioritize efficiency and effectiveness, guaranteeing that your wastewater treatment processes meet their goals with precision.

DVOC - Dry Vapour Odour Control

Foul odour in Production areas / Covered areas / Confined spaces requires odour control which is “Moisture free”

  • Excessive humidity is detrimented in production areas. which manufactures Edibles, Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Meat, Fishes etc. - DVOC is the answer.
  • Regular odour control system are not good for these type of industries so DVOC is the answer.
  • Comparatively less maintenance in high cost of water, less maintenance of nozzles.
  • OdoServe of Amalgam Biotech can be heat vaporised to genarate dry vapours which are then carried by atmospheric air to de-odorize your premises.
  • Eliminates Daily cost of RO water or Soft water choking and maintenance of nozzles. No risk of contamination of your products due to water usage.