Solve ETP, STP Wastewater Issues.

Our Product Range for Bioculture

BactaServe - Aerobic

Reduction in commisioning time of ETP

BactaServe - Anaerobic

Quick & effective startup of an Anaerobic system.

BactaServe - STP

Increase the efficiency of COD & BOD degradation.

BactaServe Septic

Reduces quantity of waste in septic tanks,removes foul odour

BactaServe - Pharma

Acclimatized microbial species to suit major pharmaceutical unit processes

BactaServe - Textile

Acclimatized bacteria to suit textile dyes (Reactive, Vat, Disperse, Indigo, Acid etc.)

BactaServe - Pulp & Paper

Selected microorganisms for degradation of aqueous waste from pulp and paper making operations.

BactaServe - Pond Cleaner

Consumes nutrients N,P & Ammonia, helps for bioaugmentation.

BactaServe - Composting

Increases beneficial microbial activity effectively, degrades waste in less time.

BactaServe Sugar

Acclimatized microbial species to suit major chemicals used in sugar industry

BactaServe Dairy

Reduces the high BOD,COD,helps to control high TDS & TSS

BactaServe FOG

Degrade oil, grease, organic waste, eliminating odour and removing organic buildup

BactaServe - FOG SR Bar

24*7 maintenance of your oil & grease traps.

BactaServe - MLSS Debulking

Suppresses growth of filamentous organisms,Increase settleability & compactability of MLSS.

BactaServe - Nutrient Removal

Effectively degrades and absorbs ammonia nitrogen.

BactaServe Biotoilet

Simplest and clean way to digest waste into methane and CO2.

BactaServe Organic Drain Cleaner

Degrades human fecal waste into simpler compounds.

BactaServe Kitchen Drain Cleaner

Self dissolving packets -Liquifies fat, oil & grease from kitchen waste

Cold Region Bacteria For Biotoilets

Simplest and clean way to digest waste into methane and CO2 in high altitude areas

Cold Region Bacteria For Composting

Convert toilet waste and kitchen waste into Fertilizer

Cold Region Bacteria For Pond or Lake Bioremediation

Helps bioaugmentation at high altitude regions, Consumes N, P & Ammonia

Cold Region Bacteria For Septic Tanks

Reduce quantity of waste in your septic tank, workable in low to very low temperatures.

Cold Region Bacteria For STP

Makes the sewage treatment plant generate reusable treated water 24*7, 365 days.