Cold Region Bacteria For Biotoilets

When BactaServe CRB Biotoilet added to compartment of biotoilet, the beneficial bacteria activates immediately even at low temperatures and begin to secrete enzymes that digest and decomposes feces, urine, fats, detergent and other organic wastes.

  • Category: Bioculture for biotoilets, Smarttoilets, Dry toilets
    1. The environmentally harmless microbes in biotoilet rapidly multiply in the system thereby restoring biologically health and efficiency of biotoilet.
    2. Cold region bacteria specially formulated for biotoilets in high altitude areas
    3. 98% space available for use, which increase degradation time for fecal matters hence outlet water quality improves
    4. Rapid multiplication of bacterial colonies
    5. Degrade fecal sludge fastly
    6. Control odour and overflow
    7. Remove blockage in pipes
    1. Smart Toilets
    2. Biotoilets
    3. Dry Toilets
    4. Railway Toilets
    1. Start-up dose : 1kg per 1000 litres sewage tank for inoculation
    2. Regular dose : 100 gms per 1000 litres sewage per month
    3. For industrial establishments dosage are tailormade

Psychrophiles of Bactaserve CRB are Cold region Bacteria. Psychrophillic bacteria for efficient operation even when atmospheric temperature drops to 0 deg C to sub-zero degrees. During cold winters ETPs, Biotoilets, composting yards fail because they have mesophillic bacteria.

Yes, bioculture is a safe and eco-friendly solution. It relies on natural processes and reduces the need for harmful chemicals in wastewater treatment. It promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria that occur naturally in the environment.

It is a nonpathogenic bacteria. Do not cause diseases.

Yes. We replace it with new products.

1 Kg packaging is available of each type of BactaServe CRB.

Yes. BactaServe Bioculture can be used in running.