Process Additives

Micronutrients for a healthy growth of microbes.

Our Product Range for Process Additives

Nutri Serve - Aerobic

Is energy drink for the microbes.

NutriServe Anaerobic

Is energy drink for the microbes.

NutriServe Oxy Enhancer

Quick release of oxygen, improves D.O.

NutriServe - N&P Enhancer

Reduce urea and DAP requirement by 75%

NutriServe BOD Enhancer

Increase the BOD load in an organically starved wastewater stream.

Rapid Oxidizer STP

Formulation for decreasing malodour present in treated sewage.

Rapid Oxidizer ETP

Removes malodour from treated/untreated wastewater

NutriServe Defoamer

Best defoaming agent to reduce excess foaming on wastewater.

NutriServe Magna Lime

A true alternative for Lime and Caustic. For stabilized pH throughout the wastewater treatment system.