NutriServe Anaerobic - Micronutrients

NutriServe Anaerobic is like energy drink for the microbes. NutriServe Anaerobic elevates the vitality and productivity of microbial populations, resulting in more effective organic matter degradation and improved pollutant removal. Speed up the breakdown of complex organic compounds, reducing treatment time.

  • Category: Aerobic micronutrients, micronutrients for aeration tank
  • NutriServe Anaerobic is a water soluble proprietary formulation containing mixture of different micronutrients containing the following:

    1. Potassium
    2. Magnesium
    3. Manganese
    4. Iron
    5. Zinc
    6. Molybdenum
    7. Calcium
    8. Cobalt
    9. Copper etc.

    NutriServe Anaerobic is stable for minimum of 2 years when stored is cool & dry place.

    1. Improves MLSS Settling in the clarifier
    2. Increased BOD degradation by higher metabolism
    3. Increases capability for sustaining BOD shock loads
    4. Increases capability for sustaining flow based shock loads
    5. Increases break down of complex compounds into simpler forms
    1. Take 100-200 Liters of HDPE/FRP PP dosing tank.
    2. Mix one day dose of NutriServe Anaerobic with raw water and dose the solution by gravity/pumping, continuously spread over 24 hours/day.
    3. Place the dosing tank at the Inlet end of biological tank. You can also dissolve NutriServe Anaerobic In the storage tank prior to biological tank so that it mixes with raw effluent/partially treated effluent before It is fed to biological tank.

Hydrolysis --} Acidogenesis --} Acetogenesis --} Methanogenesis --} CO2, CH4, H2.

For mesophellic type of anaerobic digester where the temperature is ~37 degrees, it takes 25 to 40 days for the biogas generation.