BactaServe Organic Drain Cleaner

Mixture of specially formulated natural and safe microbes, has an ability to degrade human fecal waste into simpler compounds. Treated water can be disposed safely or reused for gardening purpose.

  • Category: Bioculture for biotoilets, Smarttoilets, Dry toilets
    1. With Bactaserve Organic Drain Cleaner, you can trust in a reliable, safe, and eco-conscious solution for maintaining a clean and efficient toilet system. Bid farewell to frustrating blockages and persistent odours, and embrace the natural power of Bactaserve for a cleaner, greener, and more pleasant bathroom experience. Treated water can be disposed safely or reused for gardening.
    2. Bactaserve ODC is specially formulated with a blend of powerful organic enzymes and beneficial bacteria that target and break down human fecal waste, effectively clearing your toilet drain without harsh chemicals.
    3. Bactaserve's enzymes and bacteria work in synergy to rapidly degrade and digest organic matter, including stubborn fecal waste, preventing future clogs and maintaining a free-flowing toilet drain.
    4. Bactaserve ODC is not just a quick fix; it's a long-term solution. Regular use can help prevent future clogs, saving you from costly plumbing repairs. Bactaserve ODC is suitable for all types of toilets and septic systems. It's safe for your pipes, plumbing fixtures, and the environment.
    1. Septic Tanks
    2. Sewage Sumps
    3. Septic Tanks
    4. Manholes
    5. Leachate Drains
    6. Floor Drains
    7. Laundry Drains
    1. Water dissolving packet 30-40 grams. (One Packet - One Toilet - Per Week)
    2. Dosage quantity dependant on number of toilet users.

Most probably at night time when the toilet isn’t in use.

Minimum 4 self dissolving packets are to be inserted per month for blockage free toilets.

You can keep these packets in any atmospheric conditions.