Cold Region Bacteria For STP

Makes the sewage treatment plant generate reusable treated water 24*7, 365 days.

  • Category: STP biocultures, STP plant microbial culture
    1. Sewage treatment plants face operational issues due to mixing of toxic industrial waste & treated sewage remains polluted, dirty with no reuse. BactaServe - STP CRB provides high potency, powerful concentrated bacteria which "eats" pollutant, COD, BOD at normal & cold temperatures to generate clear, re-usable treated water.
    2. Increases the efficiency of COD & BOD degradation
    3. Reduction in commissioning time of STP
    4. Rapid growth of MLSS with high MLVSS content
    5. Suppresses the growth of harmful bacteria
    6. Reduces overall operational cost
    7. Reduces sludge generation
    8. No structural changes required In existing plant
    9. Powdered form easy to store
    10. Shock Load Stabilization
    11. Complete odour control in the vicinity of the treatment plant
    1. ASP - Activated Sludge Process
    2. E-ASP- Extended Aeration Process
    3. SBR - Sequencing Batch Reactor
    4. MBBR - Moving Bed Bio Reactor
    5. MBR- Membrane Bio Reactor
    1. Mix 1Kg BactaServe in 20 Litres of feed water. (2Kg in 40 Litres & so on...)
    2. Mix it well and dose it as per detailed dosage schedule
    3. Qty. required per day depends on waste water volume & Organic load

Psychrophiles of Bactaserve CRB are Cold region Bacteria. Psychrophillic bacteria for efficient operation even when atmospheric temperature drops to 0 deg C to sub-zero degrees. During cold winters ETPs, Biotoilets, composting yards fail because they have mesophillic bacteria.

Yes, bioculture is a safe and eco-friendly solution. It relies on natural processes and reduces the need for harmful chemicals in wastewater treatment. It promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria that occur naturally in the environment.

It is a nonpathogenic bacteria. Do not cause diseases.

Yes. We replace it with new products.

1 Kg packaging is available of each type of BactaServe CRB.

Yes. BactaServe Bioculture can be used in running.