Magna Lime - Perfect alternate to lime & caustic in wastewater treatment

NutriServe Magna Lime is made with a high surface area MgO (200m2 /gm), provides excellent neutralization speed & produces less sludge, making it a much more stable, which stays longer as a suspension.

  • Category: Lime alternate in primary treatment, caustic alternate
  • Discover NutriServe Magna Lime: the ultimate alternative to lime and caustic for stabilized pH in wastewater treatment. Experience cost-efficient, eco-friendly solutions for superior performance.

    NutriServe Magna Lime is more than just a pH stabilizer—it's a game-changer for wastewater treatment systems. With its advanced formulation, it ensures stabilized pH levels throughout the entire treatment process, guaranteeing optimal conditions for efficient operation.

    What sets NutriServe Magna Lime apart are its numerous benefits:

    1. Enhanced Performance: Achieve superior results in wastewater treatment with NutriServe Magna Lime's cutting-edge formula, engineered for maximum efficacy.

    2. Cost Efficiency: Save on operational costs with NutriServe Magna Lime's economical solution, offering competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

    3. Environmental Sustainability: Committed to eco-conscious practices, NutriServe Magna Lime promotes environmentally friendly wastewater treatment methods, reducing ecological impact.

    4. Easy Application: Designed for convenience, NutriServe Magna Lime can be seamlessly integrated into existing treatment systems, simplifying maintenance and operation.

    5. Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of wastewater treatment applications, NutriServe Magna Lime adapts to diverse industry needs, ensuring compatibility and versatility.

    6. Reliable Support: Backed by expert guidance and technical assistance, NutriServe Magna Lime provides comprehensive support to optimize your wastewater treatment processes.

    Experience the difference with NutriServe Magna Lime—a true alternative for lime and caustic, delivering unparalleled performance and efficiency in wastewater treatment. Upgrade your system today and unlock a brighter, cleaner future.

  • Benefits of Using Magna Lime:
    -Agitator not required in lime dosing tank
    -Dosing pipelines remain chocking free
    -Not hazardous like caustic
    -1 Ton lime = 0.79 Ton of Magna Lime, hence lower sludge
    -Excellent dewaterability of sludge

    Benefits of Using Magna Lime in biogas plant:
    -Boost biogas volume by up to 20%
    -Increased power generated from biogas
    -Reduced soluble phosphate in the final waste stream
    -Less corrosion in generators and heat exchangers
    -Extensive odour neutralization of H2S generated

    Benefits of Using Magna Lime in Phosphorous Removal and Heavy Metal Removal:
    -Precise heavy metal precipitation upto <1ppm where lime fails
    -Elimination of FOG build up in the anaerobic ponds
    -High affinity towards fluoride & phosphate, hence best for removal from wastewater

  • Primary treatment in flocculation tanks

  • Dosage of Magna Lime depends on the inlet to primary treatment parameters.

- Magnalime is an innovative alternative to traditional lime and caustic chemicals used in primary wastewater treatment processes.

- Magnalime works by effectively adjusting the pH levels in wastewater, facilitating the precipitation of impurities and enhancing the overall efficiency of the treatment process.

- Yes, Magnalime is designed to be user-friendly. It can be easily added to wastewater treatment systems without the need for specialized equipment or extensive training. It is shockproof to pH

Magnalime is sourced from natural mines and does not contain harmful chemicals or additives. In fact, it removes toxin from the wastewater.

- Yes, Magna lime is versatile and can be used from Textile to Pulp and Paper, Steel manufacturers to Electroplaters.  

- Yes, Magnalime will improve process simplification. No need for any capital investment. 

  • -0.55 moles to 1 mole of Soda Ash

-0.73 moles to 1 mole of Caustic Soda

-0.79 moles to 1 mole of Hydrated lime.