Rapid Oxidizer ETP

Rapid Oxidizer ETP is Engineered to combat malodorous compounds, this formulation stands at the forefront of wastewater odour control, ensuring a fresher and more welcoming environment around Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP).

  • Category: Removing bad odour from treated water
  • As we strive towards a greener and more sustainable future, it's crucial to address the challenges of wastewater treatment. That's where Rapid Oxidizer comes into play, revolutionizing the way we tackle odours in treated wastewater. Completely removes malodour from treated/untreated wastewater. These mighty warriors get to work, breaking down and oxidizing the odour-causing compounds at their source. The result? Fresh, clean water that smells as good as it looks. But that's not all Rapid Oxidizer goes beyond odour control. It also promotes overall health and balance of the wastewater ecosystem by neutralizing odour and hence enhances the efficiency of the treatment process. One of the most remarkable aspects of Rapid Oxidizer is its commitment to sustainability. This eco-friendly solution is biodegradable, non-toxic, and safe for both humans and aquatic life. NutriServe Rapid Oxidizer is an industrial broad Spectrum controlled oxidizing supplement. This is a powder form of product but to be used by making water solutions.

    The application of product is based on its ability to generate Potent oxidizing properties. It is used to neutralize foul odours generated in ETP, Sewage, Industrial Waste, Human and Animal Waste and Stagnant Water, Fish Process Condensate. Diluted solution can be used as an odour Neutralizer in Treated sewage Tanks. Depending on the treatment type, it can be dosed at a fixed rate.

    1. Removes odour from treated ETP wastewater
    2. Very effective in processed fish condensate, Processed food, Starch water, Slaughterhouse water, etc.
    3. Can be dosed over long periods
    4. Powdered form, Quick reaction time
    5. No residues after the reaction
    1. Collection tank
    2. Treated water tank

Performance of the product starts immediately.

A combination of these two products will generate active products. This has higher shelf-life and safe to use.

Yes, This is at present used in continuous flow of STP.