NutriServe Oxy Enhancer

NutriServe Oxy Enhancer swiftly releases dissolved oxygen into wastewater, creating an oxygen-rich environment that fuels the metabolism of beneficial microorganisms responsible for organic matter degradation. Oxygen-rich conditions facilitate enhanced nutrient removal, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and reducing nutrient discharge.

  • Category: Quick DO, Dissolved Oxygen
  • Infuse your treatment process with the power of oxygen, optimize microbial activity, reduce treatment costs, and enhance operational excellence.

    The oxygen release is calculated stoichiometrically & measured dose is added in Waste water, Effluents, aquaculture ponds & also in soil for releasing oxygen.

    Tailored dosage of NutriServe Oxy Enhancer to meet the specific oxygen requirements of your wastewater treatment system for precise and efficient oxygen supplementation.

    1. Aerobic Process of ETP/STP (AT, MBBR, SBR, MBR)
    2. Equalization Tank of ETP/STP
    3. Treated water tank – For mild turbidity removal
    4. Lakes for reducing algal blooms
    5. Lakes for removing foul odour
    6. Drains & Nallahs for removing Odour because of H2S
    7. Aquaculture – For NH3-N & N2 control
    8. Agriculture – For O2 release on surface and in sub-soil
    1. Dissolve in 20 litres bucket & add – For ETP & STP
    2. Direct powder addition - For Lakes & Nallahs
    3. Dosages may altered as per the wastewater volume

This product will release active oxygen at controlled rate. Whenever there in low DO, this product can be very helpful in increasing Do.

Low DO in aeration tank is detrimental to the microorganisms.

DO in aerobic wastewater treatment is residual dissolved oxygen. There should be minimun 2.0 ppm residual DO in aeration tank