Rapid Oxidizer STP

Formulation for decreasing malodour present in treated sewage.

  • Category: Removing bad odour from treated sewage
  • Rapid Oxidizer STP boasts a powerful formula designed to swiftly neutralize and eliminate malodorous compounds present in treated sewage. Targeting a wide range of malodorous substances, this formulation is adept at neutralizing sulfides, amines, and other foul-smelling compounds commonly found in sewage treatment processes. Incorporating Rapid Oxidizer STP into your sewage treatment processes is seamless. The user-friendly application process makes it easy to integrate into existing systems without disrupting operations.

    1. Helps to remove broad range of malodours present in the treated sewage.
    2. Reduction in rotten egg, ammonia, or garlic like smell from sewage.
    3. A stable long lasting compound which reduce odour. COD, BOD.
    4. Can be dosed over long periods
    5. Powdered form, Quick reaction time
    6. No residues after reaction
    1. Collection tank
    2. Treated water tank

Performance of the product starts immediately.

A combination of these two products will generate active products. This has higher shelf-life and safe to use.

Yes, This is at present used in continuous flow of STP.