Bad Odour Removal from Hazardous Waste Management Site

1. Background

Hazardous waste management sites are source of emission of toxic gases, strong fumes, stringent chemicals and mixed odour. This Hazardous waste management facility is located near Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This 50 meters* 20 meters campus provides facility for hazardous waste collection, segregation from nearby areas of Ahmedabad.

1.1 About Site

This management site collects daily 100 tonnes of hazardous waste, which consist of- fluoride, chlorides, Sulphate and acid material from nearby industrial belt. Collected waste is mixture of substances from which 50 tonnes is segregated waste like metal, plastic, wood and 50 tonnes waste is disposed.


2. Challenge

Approximately known measurable 24 gases are released from this hazardous waste management facility.These gases caused adverse impact on the environment and occupational health of the workers. Ammonia detection found to be 234 ppm. Acetaldehyde was 1655 ppm, however permissible limits of 8 hours exposure, as per factories Act 1948 is 100 ppm. Also, Ethyl acetate was 345 ppm, Methyl mercaptan was 143 ppm. Methyl Sulfide was 254 ppm which is in higher concentration and caused nuisance to the society and industrial area.

3. Solutions to the problem

The bad odour molecules were engulfed by our odour control product 'OdoServe'. OdoServe was misted in the hazardous waste facility for 3 hours intermittently which proved effective. After use of odoserve, for 1st time and 2nd time, percentage reduction (%) achives as huge as observed in the table below:

Highlight ..... We have achieved ....


  • 95% reduction in Acetaldehyde, Iso Butanol, Methyl Sulfide, Sulphur Dioxide SO2, Xylene were observed.
  • Also, reduction in concentration value is below permissible limits for Ethyl acetate, Methyl isobutyl ketone, Toluene and ammonia.



  • Considerable reduction in concentration of Methyl Sulfide that is 98%, Styrene also 98%, VOC 97% were achieved, which is favorable for toxicological, ecological & occupational health aspects.
  • Methyl mercaptan has OSHA limit of 10 ppm & after OdoServe misting it was detected to 6 ppm from 143 ppm on site!!
  • Quantity of odoserve dosed was 4 lit/day and 90% of all bad odour was gone!.

Executive Summary

Wherever there are pharmaceutical, chemical, fertilizer, textile industries, hazardous waste is generated & different types of gaseous emissions are experienced at such sites. By using our product 'Odoserve', for such a short duration, we could achieve desirable results- like 90% reduction in emissions at this site.

Odoserve is an excellent odour removing solution!!