ANDRITZ belt presses

ANDRITZ transforms the landscape of dewatering through its lineup of belt presses tailored for the environmental sector.

  • Category: Dewatering equipment, Belt press machine
  • ANDRITZ transforms the landscape of dewatering through its lineup of belt presses tailored for the environmental sector. Designed with operators in focus, our sleek, modular design offers flexibility, top-notch quality, and minimal upkeep, all while delivering exceptional performance. ANDRITZ belt presses excel in applications demanding maximum dry solids content and throughput capacity, setting the benchmark as the most advanced belt filter presses available today.

    ANDRITZ's low-profile belt press models, SME and SMX, streamline operations and maintenance, significantly reducing the cost of ownership.

    Low profile:
    The compact design eliminates the need for expensive platforms. With a height of just 152 cm, the gravity zone is conveniently accessible for operational and maintenance tasks. Enhanced maintenance access and elimination of platform requirements result in substantial savings on installation costs.

    Easy maintenance:
    The low-profile architecture enhances accessibility for routine and planned maintenance, eliminating the need for platforms or ladders to reach the gravity zone. Every component of the SME-Q and SMX-Q belt presses is positioned at a convenient, low level, prioritizing operator safety and ease of operation.

    Modular design:
    Utilizing modular components optimally, the SMX-Q and SME-Q belt presses offer flexibility in the number of rolls for the S-zone (seven, eight, or twelve) without frame alterations. Additionally, adding a third belt gravity zone simplifies and enhances the dewatering of low-solids feed material.

    Wide gravity zone and optimized camber wedge:
    An upgraded headbox ensures uniform sludge distribution, while the wide gravity zone facilitates efficient flow processing without requiring additional thickening equipment. The optimized camber wedge ensures gradual pressure increase, reducing the risk of extrusion.

  • - Thickening and dewatering in one stage (thank to efficient thickening zone or combined with gravity belt table)
    - Municipal and industrial sludge
    - High efficiency in specific applications: pulp & paper, manure, biogas, slaughterhouse, chemical sludge, etc.

  • - A compact design for a reduced machine footprint and operator accessibility (no need for platforms)
    - Gradually escalating pressure for optimal dewatering
    - Industry-leading throughput, up to 50% more than competitor machines
    - Minimal residual moisture in the final product due to expanded dewatering area (7, 8, or 12 S-rolls)
    - Enhanced flexibility through modular design
    - Low energy consumption, decreased polymer usage, simplified maintenance, and increased hydraulic capacity for substantial cost savings and heightened operator safety