GAMAZYME 700FN 12KG - For marine sewage waste treatment

Unitor™ Gamazyme™ 700FN is designed to break down surplus residual waste in shipboard sanitation pipelines and holding tanks. Highly concentrated powder formulation with active biological agents, comprising a unique blend of patented bacterial strains engineered to address sewage waste effectively.

  • Category: Fat, oil & grease grease degrader, Marine sewage treatment
  • Unitor™ Gamazyme™ 700FN is engineered to break down surplus residual waste in shipboard sanitation pipelines, holding tanks, and marine sewage treatment plants. Its specialized strains effectively digest grease, fats, sewage, starch, and other organic compounds. This results in enhanced degradation of paper, protein, and residual waste products, leading to a reduction in associated odors.

    The bacteria in Unitor™ Gamazyme™ 700FN establish colonies within the organic waste lining the pipework and tank system, gradually breaking down the waste until the system is thoroughly cleaned. This boosts biological activity within marine sewage treatment plants, enabling them to manage larger volumes of waste efficiently. As a result, unpleasant odors typically associated with overloaded or blocked systems in toilet areas and scuppers are diminished.

    Key Characteristics:
    - Convenient powder formulation for effortless application
    - Biodegradable for environmental friendliness
    - Restores biological activity in systems that have become inactive due to overloading, washout, or harsh cleaning agents
    - Removes the necessity for hazardous chemicals
    - Cost-effective, saving time, money, and labor

    - Eliminates odors linked with overloaded or obstructed sanitary systems
    - Cleans sewage holding tanks without requiring manual entry
    - Unclogs pipes and systems obstructed by organic waste
    - Clears organic substances from slow-draining pipes and scuppers
    - Reboots septic sewage treatment plants
    - Maintains entire sanitary systems in peak operational status

  • Dosing Method:

    For Sewage Treatment Plants:

    Direct dosing into the sewage treatment plant or through the nearest toilet significantly enhances biological activity, maintaining peak operational efficiency.

    A) On Ships (excluding passenger vessels):
    To reactivate or sustain efficient sewage treatment, 1 kg of Unitor™ Gamazyme™ 700FN should be mixed with 10-15 liters of hand-hot (35°C) fresh water. After 10-15 minutes of occasional stirring for bacterial activation, dose into the tank daily until optimal performance is achieved. Maintenance dosing of 0.1 - 0.25 kg weekly ensures continued efficiency. Replacing existing toilet cleaners with Unitor™ Gamazyme™ BTC (biological toilet cleaner) introduces millions of specialized bacteria into the system. These bacteria break down organic material in pipes and enhance bacterial activity in the sewage treatment plant.

    B) On Passenger Vessels:
    The application remains the same as above, but dosage rates differ based on the number of passengers aboard. As a guideline, use 50 grams per cubic meter (m3) of sewage tank volume for the initial dosage, followed by a weekly dose of 10 grams per m3 of tank volume.

    For Tank Cleaning:

    Holding tanks can be cleaned periodically or before entry without the use of hazardous chemicals. Grey and black water holding tanks, sewage tanks, and sewage treatment plants should be flushed and pumped empty to remove excess solids before cleaning. Tanks must have an air manifold connected to a low-pressure airline to gently turn the water mass within. For sewage treatment tanks, the standard air supply suffices. Mix approximately 0.5 kg of Unitor™ Gamazyme™ 700FN with 5 to 10 liters of hand-hot (35°C) water and let it sit for 10-15 minutes before dosing into the tank, either directly or through the nearest toilet. Keep the tank filled with air for at least 48 hours. The dose rate should be around 0.5 kg per 500 liters tank capacity, with a minimum dose of 5 kg. While the product works in cold seawater, it performs better with lukewarm (35°C) fresh or seawater.

    For Pipe Cleaning:

    Regular dosing keeps galley and sewage pipes free from organic residues. Prepare a liquid solution by mixing 0.5 kg of Unitor™ Gamazyme™ 700FN with 15 to 20 liters of hand-hot (35°C) fresh water. Stir and let it sit for 15 minutes to reactivate bacteria if possible. Continuously agitate the solution and dose 1 liter into sinks, scuppers, showers, drains, etc., each evening until the blockage clears. Apply maintenance doses once or twice a week to maintain pipe cleanliness. Avoid harsh toxic cleaners, as they kill bacterial action. Alternatively, isolate and fill pipes with the solution, leaving for up to 48 hours before draining. Repeat if necessary until drains run clear.

    Note: Severely scaled systems should undergo acid cleaning.