Unitor™ Gamazyme™ Floor Cleaner - Biological cleaning solution

Unitor™ Gamazyme™ FC a technologically advanced floor care product that provides deep & effective cleaning through microbial activity.

  • Category: Biological floor cleaner, Marine floor cleaners
  • Unitor™ Gamazyme™ FC utilizes patented strains of bacteria that target fatty acids and biodegradable surfactants to enhance safety and hygiene in galley areas with consistent use.

    This unique floor care solution effectively degrades and removes built-up grease and organic matter. Its patented bacterial strains produce enzymes tailored to break down the challenging fatty acid components found in galley oils and fats. Through its exceptional cleaning properties, Unitor™ Gamazyme™ FC eliminates grease from floor surfaces, leading to reduced slippage and improved safety. Its formulation enables deep penetration to clean embedded residual organics in floor pores, cracks, corners, and microscopic crevices.

    Regular use of Unitor™ Gamazyme™ FC not only eliminates odors that attract insects but also eradicates the residual organics they feed on, contributing to a cleaner and safer environment in galley spaces.

    Key Characteristics:
    - Outstanding deep-cleaning abilities
    - Includes patented bacterial strains designed to produce enzymes that degrade grease's fatty acid components
    - Suitable for use on all surfaces
    - Environmentally sustainable

    Benefits of Unitor™ Gamazyme™ FC include:
    - Enhanced Safety: Decreased slippage and improved safety conditions within galley areas.
    - Deep Cleaning: Penetrates porous floor surfaces to effectively degrade accumulated grease and organic residues.
    - Odor Elimination: Removes odors that attract insects by eliminating the residual organics they feed on.
    - Improved Hygiene: Friendly bacterial strains replace pathogenic bacteria, enhancing hygiene standards.
    - Fresher Environment: Results in a more pleasant-smelling galley area.

  • To prepare the solution, mix 50 to 100 ml of Unitor™ Gamazyme FC with 5 liters of warm fresh water, adjusting based on the surface type and level of deposits to be cleaned.

    Apply the solution using a mop or sponge to clean the surface thoroughly. Allow it to stand after application; rinsing is unnecessary.