Happy bacteria will help to keep your biological system trouble free !!!!

Every one of us gets stressed at any point of time but the level of stress differs from person to person. It is due to the reason that different people have different capacities to handle stressful situations. Some of us have acclimatized to the particular situation and in the same situation others will feel stressed. Here the level of stress matters and for humans it is defined by Perceived Stress Scale (PSS).

Similar is the condition of bacteria in the aeration tank or anaerobic tank of our effluent treatment plant or sewage treatment plant. Bacteria get stressed due to various reasons like flow based shock load, toxicity, etc. In industry it is indicated by BSI(Biomass stress index). The biomass stress index of our biological system will indicate the stress level of bacteria. This gives us an early warning for any future problems in process.

As we have discussed, different humans have the different capacity to handle the same stressed situation and the same is true for the microbes in our activated sludge process /MBR/MBBR /SBR/ UASB and other biological systems of wastewater treatment plants. In BactaServe - Bioculture the each strain has been either isolated from similar polluted conditions or has been acclimatized in polluted water and then isolated.

In the case of biomass it is defined by the Biomass stress Index (BSI). Biomass stress index is the ratio of dissolved ATP(Adenosine triphosphate) to total ATP. Low BSI means the microbes are able to handle the polluted water. Biomass stress Index lower than 30% is treated as good in industry. In an independent research work at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorke, Department of Hydrology tested biomass stress index of different brands in the market . The biomass stress index of BactaServe was lower than 30% whereas other brands were having more than 50%.